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Post-Holiday Shipping

The Holiday Shipping Period December is a complicated and busy time for shipping and delivery. The hard deadline of December 25th causes customers to be somewhat inflexible on their deadlines, and more likely to pressure you to deliver products early. This is compounded by the fact that the number of orders increases fairly dramatically over the holiday season. Due to these factors there is an expectation that January will be a relatively relaxed period for shipping. There are a few challenges one must consider before making this assumption. Challenge 1: Human Error Presumably, you were largely successful at navigating the holiday season. You clearly communicated deadlines to your customers, avoided delays whenever possible, and managed unavoidable delays as well as possible. Unfortunately, January will be spent contending with customers or clients who expect you to have overcome not only your own challenges, but theirs as well. It is very likely that a customer who placed an order on December 23rd is frustrated as to why their loved one didn’t receive their package before the new year. A client will understand that your entire industry is experiencing delays, but will struggle to understand why that should impact their order specifically. You

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A Letter To Potential Customers

To Our Potential Customers, My name is Greg Airel and I am the President & Founder of Shipping Pilot. We probably have a lot in common although we haven’t met. I started doing eCommerce in 2018 with 3 care crate companies called The Care Crate Co., My College Crate & My Hero Crate. It started small but quickly grew into a multi-million dollar machine. When I first began, I was like you, boxing my own orders, shipping my own orders, and trying to grow my business at the same time out of my basement. Let me tell you, it’s a lot on top of raising a family and working a day job! But you and I both have something we truly believe in, a dream and business we are willing to work hard for. In order for me to live that dream, I had to learn to figure out shipping logistics & order fulfillment. I needed to ship cost-effectively and efficiently in order to scale my business properly and survive. I made a lot of mistakes figuring that out, overpaying for shipping, spending time fulfilling orders, and getting into horrific warehouse contracts significantly slowed down my ability to focus on

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Effective Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Harbor Marketing Agency Partners with our 3PL Company to Help Business Owners Like You! Subscription boxes are surging in popularity, especially as more and more people opt to shop from home. So if you’ve come up with a spectacular subscription box idea, you’re in excellent company. In the competitive market of subscription boxes, it can be hard to break through. But if you know you have a great, in-demand idea, with a bit of ingenuity and strategic digital marketing, you can make major waves with your target demographic! Steve Krakower, CEO and founder of Harbor Marketing Agency, a direct response and ecommerce firm, sat down with us to answer the big questions people starting a new subscription box might have on their mind. Let’s start with the million-dollar question! What’s the secret to marketing a subscription box? Steve: You have to put a lot of time and energy into a product offering and the right business idea. You have to have a compelling offer to bring to the market. Half the battle is getting the right product out there. Let’s say you have a compelling offer, and you’re ready to make sales. What’s the first marketing tactic a business owner

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