FBA Prep Services

Take the load off your plate and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your products are shipped with care by our team of experts.

Fulfillment By Amazon Prep

We perform fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) prep services. We’ll prep your products according to FBA requirements. Our FBA prep services include quality assurance checks, barcode labeling, bundling and kitting, poly-bagging and shrink wrapping. We’ll then pack your products in cartons or on pallets and ship them out to the designated Amazon fulfillment center. Simply alert your dedicated account manager of your pending Amazon shipment, and let our fulfillment team handle the rest.

The Features

Discounted shipping rates

We reduce the shipping costs and manpower needed to get your product out the door. With a lot of small businesses using Shipping Pilot, we pass through our bulk discounted shipping at cost. No upcharges, no hidden fees, just the volume discounted rates we get, passed down to you!

No contracts, no minimums

Just getting started? Veterans in the game? We handle it all because we’ve done it all! Shipping Pilot was built by e-commerce owners like yourself. Bootstrapped from a small business to a multi-million dollar enterprise. We know the challenges because we lived the challenges. Learn more about our story!

Pay for only the storage space you use

Getting locked into long-term rental properties is a hassle no business owner wanted to deal with. Especially when your business is growing, why pay for a space that has more space than you need when you can pay for only the space you need and can scale to any size!

FBA Prep Pricing

This includes preparing your FBA inbound inventory to amazon’s facilities, FNSKU labeling, boxing, dunnage, shipment creation, scheduling, inbound labeling, and a 6-pt inspection quality assurance check. We can also handle all of your Amazon Forwarding which includes receiving & inspection, case labeling, shrink wrap, shipping preparation, and amazon pickup.


100 – 500 monthly orders
FBA Prep


/per order


501 - 2,500 monthly orders
FBA Prep


/per order


Freight forwarding direct to Amazon


/per box


We reconcile your inbound Amazon shipments


/per inbound order

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Did you know?

100s of businesses just like you use Shipping Pilot to handle their order fulfillment needs. Get started today!
David Steciw
David Steciw
CEO Smarter Buying Enterprises

Shipping Pilot has significantly streamlined our e-commerce business, they have a friendly service team that is available to us anytime we need them. I no longer spend all my time dealing with shipping and focus on what matters, growing my business. I highly recommend Shipping Pilot as a fulfillment partner.

CJ Adkins
Co-Founder My College Crate

We consider them an essential piece of our operations. The amount of money we save on fulfillment alone is enough to warrant the use of Shipping Pilot. Add in the time and headaches it saves, and it’s really a no brainer to go with a fulfillment partner like Shipping Pilot.

Chris Guiher
Chris Guiher
Serial Entrepreneur

Shipping Pilot is an essential partner to our operations At Rilla Rope, not only were we able to offload all of our fulfillment and FBA operations but we were able to do it around a cost savings of 25% compared to in-house fulfillment. I can now spend my time growing my business instead of spending my days shipping orders. I cannot recommend Shipping Pilot for other e-commerce businesses’ enough!

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