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Streamline Your eCommerce Business with a Prep Center

Navigating the eCommerce Galaxy: A Guide to Shipping Smarter Buckle up, e-commerce captains! As more people than ever before blast off into the online shopping universe, your mission to manage inventory, order fulfillment, and operations gets more challenging. Enter the prep center, your mission control for streamlined operations and stellar customer satisfaction. Let’s explore what a prep center is and why it’s a game-changer for growing eCommerce businesses ready to soar. What is a Prep Center? A prep center, also known as a fulfillment center or third-party logistics (3PL) provider, is a specialized service that helps eCommerce businesses with various order fulfillment and inventory management aspects. These specialized services help eCommerce businesses handle the logistics from receiving inventory to packaging and shipping orders. Equipped with the latest tech, infrastructure, and a crew of experts, prep centers ensure your logistics mission is always on course. Top Reasons to Utilize a Prep Center 1. Efficient Inventory Management Managing inventory can be daunting for growing eCommerce businesses. A prep center can provide dedicated warehousing space, letting you store your products in a controlled environment. With advanced inventory management systems, prep centers optimize inventory levels, monitor SKU movement, and ensure accurate stock counts. This

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A Letter To Potential Customers

To Our Potential Customers, My name is Greg Airel and I am the President & Founder of Shipping Pilot. We probably have a lot in common although we haven’t met. I started doing eCommerce in 2018 with 3 care crate companies called The Care Crate Co., My College Crate & My Hero Crate. It started small but quickly grew into a multi-million dollar machine. When I first began, I was like you, boxing my own orders, shipping my own orders, and trying to grow my business at the same time out of my basement. Let me tell you, it’s a lot on top of raising a family and working a day job! But you and I both have something we truly believe in, a dream and business we are willing to work hard for. In order for me to live that dream, I had to learn to figure out shipping logistics & order fulfillment. I needed to ship cost-effectively and efficiently in order to scale my business properly and survive. I made a lot of mistakes figuring that out, overpaying for shipping, spending time fulfilling orders, and getting into horrific warehouse contracts significantly slowed down my ability to focus on

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How to Kit a Subscription Box Efficiently

Tips & Tricks for Building Kits Hey there, eCommerce trailblazers! So, you’ve decided to dive into the subscription box craze. Stellar move! Whether it’s quirky socks, artisanal snacks, or self-care goodies, there’s a subscription box orbiting just about every interest these days. But before you start dreaming of monthly unboxing videos and ecstatic customer reviews, there’s one little hurdle to clear – kitting those boxes efficiently. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s break it down step by step, and by the end, you’ll be kitting like a pro. Step 1: Plot Your Course and Cargo First things first, what’s your box’s mission? Themed subscription boxes are all the rage. Think about your target audience and what will make them blast off with joy when they open your box. Is it a cozy book and tea pairing? A monthly mystery puzzle? Get specific and get creative! Once you’ve nailed your theme, create a manifest of the items you’ll need. Pro tip: Plan a few missions ahead. This helps in negotiating bulk prices and ensuring you always have cargo ready for launch. Step 2: Source Your Supplies Like a Boss Quality matters. Your subscribers are trusting you to deliver the best

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