BY Greg Airel

A Letter To Potential Customers

To Our Potential Customers,

My name is Greg Airel and I am the President & Founder of Shipping Pilot. We probably have a lot in common although we haven’t met. I started doing eCommerce in 2018 with 3 care crate companies called The Care Crate Co., My College Crate & My Hero Crate. It started small but quickly grew into a multi-million dollar machine. When I first began, I was like you, boxing my own orders, shipping my own orders, and trying to grow my business at the same time out of my basement. Let me tell you, it’s a lot on top of raising a family and working a day job! But you and I both have something we truly believe in, a dream and business we are willing to work hard for. In order for me to live that dream, I had to learn to figure out shipping logistics & order fulfillment. I needed to ship cost-effectively and efficiently in order to scale my business properly and survive.

I made a lot of mistakes figuring that out, overpaying for shipping, spending time fulfilling orders, and getting into horrific warehouse contracts significantly slowed down my ability to focus on growing my businesses. I would get into a warehouse with too much space, then quickly outgrow it, and have to pay to get out of a contract. I swiftly moved through 3 warehouses in a single year! Going back and forth between too much space and too little space was a constant balancing act.  On top of hiring employees, buying racking, getting tow motor certifications, paying for garbage pickup, and all the other costs I wasn’t expecting, I was set up for a great failure. It surely was not fun, and it was expensive but it was a valuable learning experience. 

From scaling my business from 1-2 orders a day to thousands, I now know how to handle shipping logistics, order fulfillment, and warehousing properly. I created Shipping Pilot so people like you don’t need to spend the time, money, and overall frustration figuring out shipping and logistics as I did. I would love to help you fill that need on your business’s journey, whether you are in a research phase or scaling phase, I know Shipping Pilot has the answers you’re looking for.

Shipping Pilot Is Here!

Thank you for considering us for your eCommerce shipping & fulfillment needs!

Greg Airel
President & Founder

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