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5 ways to reduce shipping costs

Strengthen your shipping strategy

Ecommerce has revolutionized how businesses sell products, but with the rise of online shopping comes the challenge of shipping. Shipping costs can be a significant expense for many eCommerce businesses, no matter the size, eating into profits and making it difficult to remain competitive. Here are five ways to lower shipping pricing for a growing eCommerce business:

1. Negotiate with carriers

One of the most effective ways to lower shipping pricing for a growing eCommerce business is to negotiate with shipping carriers. Consider approaching multiple carriers and leveraging their competition to get the best possible rates. As a small or mid-size business, you may not have the leverage of a large corporation, but you can still negotiate better rates based on your shipping volume. Negotiating isn’t for everyone and may feel awkward, so it’s worth considering using a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that has established relationships with shipping carriers. A 3PL provider can help you negotiate better rates and streamline your shipping processes, leading to significant cost savings. At Shipping Pilot, we’ve already done the work, made the deals, and will pass the savings directly on to you!

2. Improve your packaging

Optimizing your packaging can also help you lower shipping costs. Choosing the proper packaging can reduce the weight and size of your shipments, lowering shipping fees. Consider using lightweight materials, standard sizes, and minimizing excess space to optimize your packaging. In addition to reducing shipping costs, optimizing your packaging can help reduce the risk of damage during shipping. Be careful not to take away too much! Make sure your packaging is sturdy enough to protect your products during transit. The experts at Shipping Pilot have an eye for efficiency and can recommend a more ingenious packaging system based on your specific items.

3. Use regional carriers

Another excellent way to considerably lower shipping pricing for your eCommerce business is to use regional carriers. Regional carriers can be more cost-effective, especially for shipping to nearby areas. They often have lower rates for shorter distances. Bonus, they can offer faster delivery times, too! Using regional carriers can also help you provide better customer service. Customers appreciate fast and reliable shipping, and using regional carriers can help you meet their expectations. Building great relationships with regional carriers is integral to Shipping Pilot’s operations.

4. Implement shipping software

Utilizing shipping software can help you automate your shipping processes and reduce manual errors. Shipping software can also help you compare rates across multiple carriers and choose the best option based on cost and delivery time. Shipping software can also help you streamline your shipping processes, leading to significant cost savings. By automating shipping processes, you can reduce the amount of time and resources required to manage your shipping operations. The unique software used at Shipping Pilot has been streamlined to fit our strategic operations, saving us time in the warehouse and getting your items to your customer faster.

5. Include free shipping with minimum purchase

Offering free shipping with a minimum purchase can help you offset shipping costs. You can also offer free shipping on select products or during specific promotions to help drive sales. By encouraging customers to spend more, you can offset the cost of shipping and improve your profitability. It’s important to note that offering free shipping may not be feasible for all small or mid-size eCommerce businesses. However, if it makes sense for your business model, offering free shipping can be an effective way to lower shipping pricing and increase sales.

Save time and money

Shipping costs can be a significant expense for any eCommerce business, but there are several ways to lower shipping pricing. Your eCommerce businesses can reduce shipping costs and improve profitability by negotiating with carriers, optimizing packaging, using regional carriers, and implementing shipping software. The experts at Shipping Pilot have already researched and implemented each of these best practices and streamlined the shipping process. Check off each item in one step by signing up with Shipping Pilot today.

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