BY Nicki Hodgkiss

5 Ways to Stop Overpaying for Shipping!

Protecting profit margins is important and one of the best ways to do it is to cut down on shipping costs! There are plenty of shipping methods designed specifically for this. If you’re a small business, this can make all the difference! There is always a shipping method to help you ship for less. Here are just a few of them! Use your own packaging and packing materials

1. Use your own packaging and packing materials

If something is shipped to you in a package, try using that same packaging! Not just the actual packaging, but reusing the packing peanuts and airbags too! This is also better for the environment. If you don’t have that opportunity, try creating your own package for materials to be sold in. Try looking for paperboard boxes, they are cheaper than cardboard!  

2. Take advantage of free shipping boxes

Fun fact! Both USPS and UPS offer certain box sizes, for free! These sizes are usually quite small however if you’re a company that ships small items it can be perfect for you! They also often offer a few medium-sized packages. You can also try using U-Haul Box Exchange, a message board created by U-Haul where you can see if there are free shipping boxes in your area. Even Craigslist has a source for free boxes! 

3. Have numerous shipping box sizes available and make sure your weight/dimensions are correct

Box dimensions make a huge difference when it comes to e-commerce shipping, so making sure these sizes and weights are accurate is very important. If they aren’t, make sure you fix it before you ship them out. Always double-check! The size of the box matters too so making sure you have multiple box sizes available for different sized items keeps you from overpaying!

4. Necessities are not to be overlooked

If you’re shipping fragile or heavy items, make sure they are properly packaged! You could end up paying a lot more if these items get damaged especially if they are expensive. Try using corrugated or rigid boxes. Both of these options have multiple layers or materials and will be sturdy enough to help you ship fragile items. Don’t cut corners, make sure everything is all set! 

5. Outsource your shipping

Outsourcing your shipping can be extremely beneficial to cutting down on shipping costs. That’s why we’re here! You don’t have to get bogged down by shipping logistics. We are an all-in-one e-commerce fulfillment company that automates and handles shipping and fulfillment for small businesses. With no upcharges and no hidden fees, we make the most of our network and pass through our bulk discounted shipping rates to you. Try outsourcing your e-commerce with us, Shipping Pilot! Overpaying on shipping can be extremely damaging for your business. Learn more about how Shipping Pilot can take care of all your e-commerce shipping needs!

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