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10 Cost-Effective Packing Materials to Start Using Today

Simple Packaging Solutions that Save Money

ECommerce businesses need to be cost-effective when it comes to packing and shipping products. However, finding affordable packing materials that protect your items during transit can be challenging. Fortunately, many cost-effective options can help keep your shipping costs down while ensuring your products arrive safely. Here are ten cost-effective packing materials that growing businesses can easily use.

1. Newspaper

An excellent packing material for small items is newspapers. It’s readily available, easy to use, and, best of all, it’s free. You can use it to wrap items individually or crumple it up to fill empty space in a box. However, be mindful that newspapers can leave ink residue on your items, which may not be suitable for all products.

2. Bubble Wrap

A popular packing material that provides excellent cushioning and protection is bubble wrap. You can use it to wrap fragile items or line the inside of a box to provide extra cushioning. While it can be a bit more expensive than other options, it’s still relatively affordable and widely available.

3. Classic Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are lightweight, inexpensive, and provide excellent cushioning. These are ideal for filling empty space in a box. However, keep in mind that they can be messy and difficult to clean up, so there may be better options for some businesses.

4. Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of some traditional packing materials, consider using biodegradable packing peanuts. These peanuts are made from plant-based materials and will break down over time. They provide excellent cushioning and protection, just like traditional packing peanuts.

5. Foam Sheets

Foam sheets are another great packing material that provides excellent cushioning. They are lightweight, flexible, and can be easily cut to size. You can use them to wrap fragile items or to line the inside of a box to provide extra padding.

6. Cardboard Inserts

An excellent eco-friendly option is cardboard inserts. They are affordable and can help keep your products secure during transit. You can cut cardboard to size and use it to create inserts that will hold your items in place. This is particularly useful for small, delicate items that may shift during transit. Try upcycling excess cardboard from other areas of your business for a free material that’s even better for the environment!

7. Air Pillows

Air pillows are one of the most lightweight and cost-effective options that provide excellent cushioning. Ideal for filling a lot of empty space in a box or keeping items separate during transit. They are also reusable and can be inflated as needed.

8. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a lightweight and affordable option that provides some cushioning for delicate items. You can use it to wrap individual items or to fill empty space in a box. However, keep in mind that it may not provide as much protection as other options.

9. Corrugated Cardboard

A versatile packing material that can be used in numerous ways is corrugated cardboard. You can use it to create inserts, wrap items individually, or line the inside of a box for extra cushioning. It’s also an eco-friendly option that should be recycled after use.

10. Shredded Paper

If you have excess paper on hand, consider shredding it and using it as packing material. Shredded paper provides some cushioning and can be used to fill empty space in a box. However, remember that it may not provide as much protection as other options. DIY shredded paper is another eco-friendly option that carries little to no cost.

Save Time & Money

There are many cost-effective packing materials available that eCommerce businesses can use to keep their shipping costs down while still ensuring that their products arrive safely. From newspaper to biodegradable packing peanuts, there are options for every budget and need. Consider experimenting with different materials to find the best option for your business. Our team of experienced packers works closely with our clients to suggest the best packing materials for their specific business needs. Shipping Pilot is a trusted warehouse operation and shipping logistics provider. Learn more about how we can automate your shipping needs! Contact our friendly customer service team today.

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