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Lean Supply Chain: What It Is and How to Get It with Help from Your Third Party Logistics Partner

Properly Managing Your eCommerce Supply Chain Maximizes Your Profits

Do more with less. That’s the motto of small ecommerce operations and the lynchpin of your lean supply chain strategy.

But if you haven’t achieved a lean supply chain just yet, that’s OK! You have some time as your business grows, and you can find plenty of help from third-party logistics companies like us, Shipping Pilot.

We’ll help you choose the right optimizations and processes to save money on your logistics costs, speed up your order fulfillment process, and deliver orders quickly.

First things first: What is a lean supply chain?

A lean supply chain is one that lacks any inefficient logistics processes, costs, or time. Lean supply chains get orders to your customers as quickly as possible, for the lowest cost to you.

If you’re unsure how to do this, Shipping Pilot can take over your supply chain management, including FBA prep, warehousing, and ecommerce fulfillment.

I think my ecommerce business is doing pretty well already. Why do I need a lean supply chain?

If you’re happy with where your ecommerce business is, you might not yet know how much more money you could be saving in overhead and pocketing as profit if you’ve never examined the efficiency of your current supply chain.

Having a lean supply chain frees up significant money that you can reinvest into your business, or to have on hand in case of any big surprises (like a global pandemic, maybe?). 

Ok, fine. I need help. How can I get a lean supply chain?

Building a leaner supply chain takes effort and know-how. If you aren’t sure you can do it by yourself, contact Shipping Pilot to get help.

We offer multiple services you can employ to begin to see big changes in your profits and overhead costs. 

Manage  your inventory

Excess inventory that takes up valuable warehouse space, shrinkage, damaged merchandise, and more costs you money as every day passes. The first thing you must do to achieve a lean supply chain is to set in place an inventory management system to reduce costs.

Shipping Pilot designed our own inventory management system designed to eliminate deadstock and protect your merchandise. With great care and transparent reporting, we can revolutionize how you manage your ecommerce inventory.

Review important data

Remember our transparent reporting? You’ll want to carefully review that data to drive your future decisions for your ecommerce business.

By tracking metrics, Shipping Pilot will work with you to eliminate supply chain waste to find ways to optimize it most effectively. After all, your supply chain may already be lean in some areas, and bulked up in others.

Optimize ecommerce fulfillment

Your order fulfillment process includes receiving the order, processing it, picking, packing, kitting, assembly, and maybe even other tasks, depending on your business.

By streamlining your order system – something you may not have the resources to do alone – you can actually reduce your lead times, make fewer errors, and spend less money on packaging and shipping costs.

The faster the shipping and the greater the order accuracy means your customers are more likely to be satisfied and leave you positive reviews online. Your reputation depends on optimizing fulfillment!

Shipping Pilot handles every aspect of ecommerce fulfillment for you, including warehousing, to help you achieve a lean supply chain.

Save Money and Time with Shipping Pilot’s Third Party Fulfillment Services

Devote your time and energy to business development, not tedious supply chain tasks. Contact Shipping Pilot, your third-party logistics expert, to see how we can simplify and optimize for you with no contract minimums or hidden fees.

Send us an email, or call us at 505-SHIP-NOW.

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