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How Do I Source Products from China for my eCommerce Business?

FBA Freight Forwarding from Shipping Pilot Gets Your Merchandise to Amazon

You need not be fluent in Mandarin or have expert-level experience with importing law to source products from China for your Amazon storefront. With the right connections and smart selection, you’ll soon be enjoying your profit.

Follow these tips for sourcing products from China to grow your ecommerce business.

Choose Products Carefully

Be intentional about the products you choose to source from China. The right choice can have a seriously positive financial impact on your business, and you’ll regret the wrong one.

Start by locating reputable sellers through sites like Alibaba. These companies’ English-speaking support staff will be able to help you.

When selecting items to sell on Amazon, be careful to choose those that aren’t already saturating the marketplace. Too much competition results in decreased sales as shoppers choose one of many sellers offering the same product. It’s hard to maintain margins when everyone is offering the same thing.

You’ll also want to be sure you’re choosing products that are high quality and desirable. Disappointing merchandise leads to bad reviews, which lead to fewer sales, which – you guessed it – affect your bottom line. 

Request Sample Products

The only way to determine product quality is to see it for yourself, firsthand. Once you’ve found a few sellers whose products you may be interested in, request samples to be sent directly to you.

Experts agree that you should never use the word “sample” when speaking with the manufacturer. Instead, say that you must place an initial order to test the quality, request their most competitive quote, and let them know that you’re also receiving pricing from their competitors.

You should order multiple of the same item so you can see consistency in quality. If you aren’t satisfied, you can contact the company to let them know, or you can continue your search for quality products. 

Your goal is to find some that meet your expectations, but allow you to enjoy a wide profit margin on Amazon.

Hire an FBA Freight Forwarder

If you plan on using Fulfillment by Amazon to sell your products from China, you may want to hire a company that specializes in transporting your goods from the factory and preparing them for Amazon fulfillment, like Shipping Pilot.

In addition to handling the logistics of importing your order from China, Shipping Pilot also conducts quality assurance checks based on your standards, applies barcode labels, bundles and kits, poly-bags, or shrink-wraps, and then packs your items into cartons or on pallets to ship them to your designated Amazon fulfillment center.

Hiring an FBA freight forwarder takes major responsibilities from your shoulders, so you can focus on marketing your new inventory on Amazon.

Write Your Product Listing

With your supply chain organized and an FBA fulfiller on your side, you should invest your time into getting your products sold!

Take great, enticing photographs of your products. Photos should be high-resolution and clearly show your product.

Then, start writing about what you’re selling, including its important features, size, color, material, and capabilities. Once you’re done, you can start selling!

Talk to Us About Shipping Logistics

Don’t let the logistics of handling overseas shipping of your inventory bog down your productivity. Talk to us – Shipping Pilot – your all-in-one e-commerce fulfillment company that automates and handles shipping and fulfillment for small businesses like yours, including FBA freight forwarding. We’ll take the load off your plate and let you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are in the care of our team of experts. Request a discovery call today.

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