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Holiday Shipping Prep 101

Holiday Shipping Delay

Holiday shipping delays would be enough to make the most wonderful time of the year difficult during normal years. These last few years have been anything but normal. For many of you, this will be your first time handling holiday shipping since the pandemic started. You may still be dealing with Covid restrictions that are slowing everything down during the busiest time of year. Here are some things to bear in mind while you’re dealing with holiday shipping delays.

Small Business Struggles

Unlike massive, multi-million dollar corporations, small businesses like yours don’t have the budget to hire an excessive amount of seasonal workers. You’ll likely have to make do with the staff you have. Be sure to give yourself plenty of grace during this holiday season. Also, be sure to set realistic timetables for both your promises to your customers and your plans for your business. This is the busiest time of year for shipping. Orders are going to take a little longer to send and receive. Don’t beat yourself up over that, and make sure your customer know what to expect.

Expect Shipping Delays

Holiday shipping delays are tough enough on their own, but if you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that the holidays are only part of the problem. There have been fairly massive nationwide shipping delays virtually all year. As business owners and their employees struggle to find their new normal after last year’s chaos, goods have moved much more slowly. There’s a decent chance it will take even longer than usual for the holiday season to receive your products and to deliver products to your customers. Do your research when ordering to ensure you know how long of a delay to expect. And be sure to use a shipping service you can trust to communicate with you if you need to expect the orders you send out will be delayed.

Shipping Pilot

Shipping Pilot wants to help make the busiest time of year a little easier for you. Our independent shipping services ensure that you won’t need to worry about many of the nationwide shipping issues when you send out an order. And if there is an issue, our professional and dedicated team will be there to communicate the problem with you and help you find a solution. With Shipping Pilot, you can expect reduced holiday shipping delays and increased support for the holiday shipping season.

Happy Holidays

We here at Shipping Pilot know that the holiday season can be rough for small business owners. You don’t have the support larger businesses have, and you’re more likely to be impacted by problems with sending and receiving products. Shipping Pilot wants to help you with holiday shipping delays. The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, after all. Your small business is such an important part of making the season bright, So no matter how you handle the shipping challenges of the holiday season, just know that everyone here at Shipping Pilot wishes you a very Happy Holiday.

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