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GEM the App is Changing the Influencer Game

Shipping Pilot Helps You Find Success! 

We’re here to help your start-up, start-up. Our services are designed to help you begin your entrepreneurial journey and grow your small business. That means connecting you with the best resources designed to help you succeed. Sam Zipp, the founder of GEM, deserves a spotlight for his success, and Shipping Pilot knows a success story when we see one. We decided to share the success of our proud partner GEM the App to help bring new opportunities to those of you who have just begun. Here are all the ways GEM the App connects you with influencers, helps promote generosity, and can act as a resource to help you start up. 

GEM is an Entrepreneurial Story Never Seen Before

The design of GEM is extremely different from other services claiming to offer the same thing. GEM is a hybrid tech/agency that matches brands with the right influencers for product seeding and influencer gifting. Think FabFitFun for influencers. Their focus is on providing a platform that is built on authenticity. This all makes sense as all partners at GEM bring in valuable, real-life experience as talent managers, business owners, and entertainment industry veterans. In just 8 months, GEM has gained a strong roster of influencers who have joined their platform because they want to create authentic long-lasting relationships with brands. What makes GEM different is that they focus on the very first interaction between a brand and influencer as they begin their journey together.  

Gifting is the GEM Key

GEM the App is designed to be different from other platforms; it’s a problem solver. The user is at the forefront of the product as is their connection with influencers. GEM does not scrape users like many platforms and tries to sell the influencer data, rather, GEM onboards every user, creating a strong foundation for the platform. Instead of brands having to DM influencers and ask if they would like to try out the product, GEM allows brands to create a gift campaign and only target their demographic of influencers they’re looking for and from there influencers can swipe through the gifts and claim the ones they want, this way there is no wasted energy. At GEM, they believe that all great relationships start with a gift. Gifting allows brands to receive authentic feedback as well as a longstanding relationship with their influencer partners. This allows the influencer to feel secure in their choice of brand, and for the brand to feel like their product is in good hands. 

Fulfillment is Our Job 

Showing generosity through gifting is crucial to the success of GEM. The GEM platform allows all brands to use the generosity approach within their business. Here at Shipping Pilot, our focus is also on generosity. We are an all-in-one e-commerce fulfillment company that automates and handles shipping and fulfillment for GEM and so many other businesses. We are the final step in the success model GEM has created. Getting new products into the hands of influencers wouldn’t be possible without us and making sure GEM and every other business we help maintain their success is our highest priority. 

Nurturing Relationships “Influences” Success

Nurturing relationships with influencers has made GEM the tool it is today. GEM is designed to help others achieve their goals. Zipp said, “Working with other individuals, whether it’s brands or influencers, and making them feel like family is probably one of my most cherished moments. I stay reminded every day that I feel lucky to be in this position so if I can even help one person along the way, that’s a win for me.” GEM is a great resource to help your company start-up. Utilizing the opportunities GEM offers allows them to help you nurture relationships with influencers, experience gifting, and spread generosity, giving you a chance to succeed. To show our generosity and GEM’s, Shipping Pilot clients can get priority influencer gift box placements from GEM for a limited time in October and November! Simply contact GEM today and let them know we referred you.

Shipping Pilot is dedicated to you, and we’re here to help in any way we can be. In order to establish a long-term relationship with prospective customers, Shipping Pilot strives to handle each client with the utmost care. Join us in the business of caring and allow us to help guide you in your success story like we did with GEM! For more information on what we have to offer, click here

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