BY Nicki Hodgkiss

Why Your Company Should Use Dropshipping

What is Dropshipping and Why is it So Beneficial? 

Dropshipping is a business model that helps you run a store without holding inventory. Is that even possible? It is! Once a sale is made, the supplier you choose will ship your products from their warehouse, straight to the customer. It’s so easy and you’ll never have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping! 

This model is especially beneficial for new entrepreneurs or new businesses. It’s low risk, low cost, easy to start, and helps to automate your business. It’s low risk because you don’t have to buy bulk inventory, only goods sold to customers. It’s low cost because most product costs are low so pricing your goods at market value allows you to run a profit. It’s easy to start because products can be imported quickly, like the same day you sign up quickly, which gives you the chance to promote them right away! Finally, it can be automated and processed so you have the chance to focus on other important things like marketing, branding, presence, website building, and more! 

Running any type of business is no easy feat, even though Dropshipping can be extremely beneficial and quick, there are still obstacles to overcome. These obstacles are necessary for you to ensure your business thrives! Take it from us, adversity is a great learning tool. 

Here are some other tips for using Dropshipping: 

  • Don’t underprice your items! Dropshipping helps save you time and money by allowing you to maintain a lower product cost, so it’s alright to prove your items at market value. 
  • Create a compelling and presentable website because that is where your customers will feel the most connected with you! If you can, keep your business as automated as possible. Create an app or website that makes it easy on customers! 
  • Offering customer service that is intuitive makes all the difference! The customers are the most important, so make sure you’re there for them! Don’t be afraid to offer them bulk deals or amazing offers. This will help keep customers satisfied, happy, and recommending you to others! 


Dropshipping is possible with Shipping Pilot! Use Shipping Pilot to help kickstart your business and save you time! For a business that is just starting out, saving money is also crucial, which makes Shipping Pilot a great place to start! We are here to help your company with anything it needs, take it from us! Check out what else we have to offer.

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